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    Hi! My name is Alexandra and I am here to help you check everything off of your bucket list! That is why I designed this digital travel bucket list journal!

    Alexandra Lauren

    Mermaid Travel Blogger

    How are you keeping track of your bucket list?

    Is it random notes on your phone? A scribbled notebook by your bed? How about afterward? Do you write about how you felt or when you did it? Or do you just move on to your next adventure?

    If you are anything like are really lazy when it comes to cataloging your travel bucket list. And those moments you say you'll "never forget"? Well, it is likely you will forget those precious matter how amazing it was!

    What's next?

    I just had one problem: I am not into journalling and I didn't have time! That is why I have devised a clever and cute way to casually write and store all of your bucket list memories.

    This digital journal has a space for all of your ideas to be written in one space. After that, it has a space for individual activities that you have checked off of your bucket list. It then gives you very short prompts so that you can keep track of how you were feeling, what happened, and reflect.

    You would be surprised at how fun it is to return to your journal and reread those memories! Now you can with it all in this digital journal. And the best part? It is completely FREE!

    Enjoy and happy bucketlisting!